[ROM] Hyperion Project Reloaded for Samsung Galaxy Y

Here is Hyperion Project Reloaded,
the developers decided to do a re-
work on the rom. They claim that it
is now “Faster, Smarter and Better
than ever!”.
From the looks of it, the rom has
received a major overhaul in
transparency on pretty much any
system app and settings menus,
there might be more core stuff that
have been changed though.

For a changelog on what has been
changed/improved, Click Here
Download ROM – Click Here
1. Boot into Recovery mode
2. Flash CWM Recovery
3. Once in CWM Recovery, go to mounts
and storage and mount everything
you can
4. Go back, go to advanced, then from
there select wipe dalvik cache then
wipe battery stats
5. Go back, select wipe data, then wipe
6. Select install zip from sdcard
7. Then choose zip from sdcard
8. Locate the BASE.B-02.5.zip and
choose it
9. Choose Yes to confirm
10. After installation is complete, reboot
the phone


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