[ROM] CyanogenMod9 Nightly Build for Samsung Galaxy Y


Yeah, yeah, we all know that we
barely got a cyanogenmod7 fully
working on the Samsung Galaxy Y,
but that shouldn’t get in the way of
trying to port cm9 to work somewhat
like cm7 on the little Galaxy Y.
A week ago, Percy-g2 started a
thread at xda-developers forums
with an unofficial build of
Note: Please don’t expect to see
fully working features on this one as
it doesn’t have the progress the
Cyanogenmod7 build has. By
installing this you should be aware
of the bugs you will experience and
various functions not working, please
keep the hateful comments away.
The build we will have a look at in
this post will be Build #2 with the
“Overlay fixed for ldpi (no more fc in
phone app and overlapping)”
Download CM9 Nightly Build #2-
Click Here
1. Flash white kernel 1.3.3 using Odin
(hopefully you should know how to
do that if you’re planning on testing
a rom like CM9) – Download Here
2. Boot into CWM Recovery
3. Go to mounts and storage and
mount /system /data and /cache
4. Go back, choose to install zip from
5. Locate and choose the CM9 zip file
6. Choose Yes when asked to confirm
7. After it is done installing, go back,
wipe data
8. Reboot
Below are some of the things that
are currently not working and the
things that are being worked on.
•Not working:
•No camera
•No audio
•No wifi
•No bluetooth
Issues worked on:
•Overlay for ldpi (fixed)
More information


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