Custom Rom EVOX-4 For Samsung Galaxy Y S5360


To the fans of the Evo-X rom series by b16h22 from xda-developers forums, version 4 is now out. With more preferences added, improved system apps and a few other features and improvements.
•New evo preferences
•Change statusbar layout between
tablet view
•Set any color and transparency for
•Set any color and transparency for
notification pulldown background
•Show/Hide battery in pulldown
•Three panels in phablet view
•Two panel view (android 4.2) in
normal and tablet layout
•Aokp look-alike 6 toggles with show/
hide option
•Hide/Show, color clocks in both
expanded and statusbar
•Show/hide day of week in expanded
•Change color of quicksettings toggles
•Change color of quicksettings text
•Set user display picture and name
•Hide/show 15 toggles
•Show/hide slider controls
•New messaging app
•New contacts app
•New calendar app
•New myfiles app
•Better phone.apk
•Better dialer
•New music player
•Holo launcher
•Better settings app
•Better Gmail app

DownloadClick Here

1. Download the zip file to your sdcard
2. Power off your phone and boot into
Recovery mode
3. Boot into CWM Recovery
4. Wipe data and cache
5. Go to install zip from sdcard
6. Select choose zip rom sdcard
7. Locate the zip and choose it
8. Choose Yes to confirm
9. After installation is complete, go
back, wipe cache and data again
10. Reboot


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