How to Decompile/Recompile APKs using Apktool


What is Decompiling?
Decompiling allows you to edit files from an APK file. It is not easy if you are a noob but if you understand it, it will be easy for you.

Basically Requirements:
*SGY of course
*USB Connector

Requirements for PC:
*Java Runtime Environment
32 Bit:
64 Bit:
*WinRAR or 7zip

Requirements for Galaxy Y:
*Root Browsing Tool [e.g Root Explorer,Root Browser Lite]
*You must be Rooted
*The APK you will Decompile

*Open your Root Browsing Tool
*Copy the APK you will Decompile
*Paste it on your SD Card
*After that, Copy the framework-res.apk and twframework-res.apk from system/framework and paste it on your SD Card
*Now Connect your Phone’s SD Card via USB Connector

Instructions for PC
*Download and Install Java Runtime Environment
*After that, Download the Apktool in the Requirements Section
*Extract the using WinRAR or 7zip anywhere in your PC
*Copy the APK you will modify,framework-res.apk and twframework-res.apk
*Now on the Apktool Folder, Type the Code
apktool if framework-res.apk [AFTER TYPING, PRESS ENTER]
apktool if twframework-res.apk [AFTER TYPING, PRESS ENTER]
*After that type this:
apktool d The APK you will Decompile.apk [e.g apktool d SystemUI.apk]
*I hope that no errors will happen when decompiling. 
*After that start modifying your APK file.

Recompiling APK
*After modifying the APK, you will now Recompile it to rebuild the apk again.
*On the Apktool Folder, Open the “Command Prompt”
*Now type these codes:
apktool b The APK you will *Recompile [e.g “apktool b SystemUI”] (no quotation marks! and no more .apk to write!)
*After that, the apk that you recompile will appear in the “dist” folder under the Folder of the APK. [e.g I decompile my SystemUI.apk and I recompiled it and a dist folder appeared in my SystemUI Folder]
And copy the .apk file under the dist folder and Paste it on your SD Card.
*Now push it in system/app. You can also put it in a flashable zip file for safe flashing.


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