[ROM][MOD][CM7.2] Jelly Bread v3.0 | [07022012] For Galaxy Gio s5660








This is CM7 ROM for Samsung Galaxy Gio, with some modifications on interface to get the taste of Jelly Bean (CM10). Its not 100% same with CM10 but at least you can feel CM10 when running on this ROM

Features :

-Clean and Latest Unofficial Nightly for Samsung Galaxy Gio
-Fully working camera
-Gapps Included
-BLN Enabled
-Integrated Achep ICS layout , modified to JellyBean Layout
-Themed the whole framework-res.apk, SystemUI.apk, and all system apps. No theme.apk
Jelly Bean style statusbar expanded
-Added settings shortcut on statusbar expanded
-Added Recent Apps button on statusbar expanded
-ICS/JB Task Swithcer Style
Nexus 4 (Android 4.2) Analog Clock Style
-ICS/JB Style Settings
Jelly Bean transition animation (super smooth)
-Integrated latest Google Play Music, modified icon to Apollo Music and black theme
-Included Universall Megabass Audioboost
-Full Roboto font
-Ads free, hacked host
Pre-installed Adrenaline Engine 4.4
-LoopySmoothness Tweak
-Effiecient RAM consumption
-Overall smooth and fast
and the other things because I’m forgot, and more features will be added soon

Changelog :

20 November 2012 : V 1.5
*Changed Base on CM7 Phiexz
*Changed Kernel to Latest *Delanoister kernel
*Fixed Alarm force close
*Fixed Gesture lockscreen force close
*Fixed FM Radio, now it’s working
USB tether working
*Added Live Wallpaper
*Added ADW Launcher and Holo Launcher
*Pre-Installed Adrenaline Engine 4.4

26 November 2012 : v2.0
*Revert Kernel to marcin1147, hopefully fixed lag
*All libs from marcin1147’s CM7, fix low volume sound on headset
*Added Recent Apps Button on statusbar
*Changed Recent Apps layout
*Minor Change on Settings
*New font from Jelly Bean. Roboto, but slimmer
*services.jar patched, =Maximum Overdrive=- The Multitasking Mod
*Added LoopySmoothness tweak

17 December 2012 : v2.5 (Just Small Update)
*New Base on Unofficial CM7 20121204 by ItachiSama
Still using Marcin1147’s kernel
*Added New MegaBass ( Audio Booster ) by geva28
*Added QuickPic as user app
*Audio files from CM10 ROM
*Replace Default DeskClock.apk with Clock ICS
*Addded Task Manager thanks mateuszpp
*Changed some icons on theme thanks to CataHd
*Added one Theme, just lil’ bit different with the default one
*Adjusted some value on build.prop
*Added Adrenaline Boost!

07 February 2013 : v3.0
*Based on Unofficial CM7 20121225
*Still using Marcin1147’s kernel
*New splash logo
*Themed the whole framework-res.apk, SystemUI.apk, and almost all system apps. Not Theme.apk
*Full dark popup window
*Added and Removed some apps
*New Music.apk from CyanTUX
*ICS/JB Screenshot style from CyanTUX
*New bootanimation
*New layout on statusbar expanded, more like CM10
*Latest Google Play Music modded to Apollo style, still blacked out
*New minfree values on *Adrenaline Engine
*Updated all included apps
*Disabled Tablet Tweaks mode

Download v1.0:Click Here
Download v1.5:Click Here
Download v2.0:Click Here
Download v2.5:Click Here
Download v3.0:Click Here

Installation Procedure :
1.Boot into recovery
2.Wipe data/factory reset, and wipe dalvik cache
3.No need to mount /system and /data, it will automatically mounted
4.Install zip from sdcard
5.Choose zip from sdcard
6.Select JellyBread-vx.x.zip and flash
7.Wait till finished and reboot

Note : For the first time, if statusbar not appear, just wait a second it will appear but blank. Open terminal emulator, and…poof icon will appear


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