[mod][CM7][stock]Viper4androidfx manager [increase and improve sound quality]

Hi guys finally low headphone fix in cm7
download this
Download : Click Here

This is the auto installation of ViPER4Android FX. Please read and follow the instructions.
Check before using:
1. Make sure phone running Android 2.3 Gingerbread.
2. Phone must be rooted so that installer can have root access. Busybox installed will increase success rate.
3. Phone’s CPU Max Freq. higher than 500MHz.
1. Install V4AManager.apk
2. Open V4A Manager, select “Install/Update”, then choose your phone’s CPU Type(for y chose first),install ViPER4Android FX. Remember to allow root access.
3. You can uninstall V4AManager.apk if you want.(Will not affect uninstall process)
4. Install ViPER4Android_FX.apk.
5. In app killers, data cleaners or autostart managers, add ViPER4Android FX to white-list.
6. Use system app manager to clean data of ViPER4Android FX.
7. Reboot.
8. Open ViPER4Android FX and start adjusting effects. The effects will work on all places including third-party players,games(except Voice calling)
Double-check if auto installation succeed:
1. Use any Explorer with root access.
2. Go to /system/lib/soundfx/
3. Check whether libv4a_fx_gb.so exists.
4. Remove libviper4android_gb.so (if exists)
If all above are met, you can use V4A with highest compatibility with your system. Or else refer manual installation.
Uninstall/Restore Process:
1. Uninstall ViPER4Android FX.
2. Install V4AManager.apk.
3. Open V4A Manager, select “Uninstall/Restore”.
4. Uninstall V4AManager.apk and reboot device.
1. Why ViPER4Android FX always FC?
A: There’s many possibility. Solution: See Readme.txt, check whether the files in /system/lib/soundfx/ is there in your phone, re-use V4A Manager or do manual installation, check ViPER4Android.apk whether its the same version as the libs used.
2. Why ViPER4Android FX creates unexpected effects and different from other users?
A: First, clear ViPER4Android FX data,if remain the same, make sure no third-party sound enhancer installed(such as noozoxide or others from playstore)
Or else refer compatibility problem.
3.Third-party players such as Poweramp and TTPOD no effect?
A: Using Poweramp, remember to turn off “Direct Volume Control”
If author confirmed its working, then refer compatibility problem.
4. ViPER4Android FX doesnt run after bootup?
A: Check anti-virus softwares whether V4A was disabled in auto-start list.
5. V4A effect gone after using data-killer?
A: Please add ViPER4Android FX to data-killer whitelist.
6. V4A effects suddenly dissapear?
A: Android system kills certain processes due to memory limits.
Install ViPER4Android.apk as system app (Put in /system/app/ and restart)
7. Why there is background noise when using v4a effects?
A: This is Android’s bug, will happen on all sound mods.
Rename /system/lib/soundfx/libbundlewrapper.so to libbundlewrapper.so.bak, reboot device.
8. How to use FIR-Equalizer?
A: See “How to use FIR-Equalizer” guide in XDA Original post.

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