Custom Rom [CM7.2] New Experience Jelly Bean Special Edition for Samsung Galaxy Y

This custom rom is another modified CM7.2 ROM with the JellyBean look. This ROM is being developed by Duduaxe from xda-developers. It is based off whitexp’s CM7.2 which means that you still get the same old bugs.


– Experience New Launcher (full modded Zeam Launcher)
– ICS JB System Theme (in APK)
– New Jelly Bean Statusbar (CM 10.0) with power widget under jb carrier, clock, date, settings and clear button, clickable notifications and closon
– ICS Themed in-JB-Style Blue default lockscreens 7.2 cm
– ICS JB-style Patterns
– Statusbar widget indicator color poer pressetted in ICS-JB Style (smali mod)
– Atypic feedback in statusbar fixed
– New Transitions style Bean Jelly)
– Tablet Tweaks (softkey) enabled in the framework
– Statusbar Clock Center (fixed black statusbar with active softkeys)
– Full Roboto Font
– New Resized Cyanogenmod 10 (Jelly Bean) Settings.apk
– New Wallpaper Cyanogenmod (New Experience Wallpaper) Mix (Jelly Bean 4.1 and 4.2, Ics, HoneyComb and other)
– Replaced 3D Gallery with QuickPic the user application
– Camerasound on off by autoradio78 patch
– Videosound on off by autoradio78 patch
– Experience New bootanimation default logo and wallpaper
– New tones from JB AOKP arrangement (only useful tones)


– ActivoSpeeder by F4uzan
– HOT!: 90% graphic rendering with GPU
– New build.prop tweaks
– Dalvik Set at 24m to default
– Compcache disabled
– Dithering disabled
– 16 bit enabled trasparency
– Scrolling cache disabled to default
– HOT!! Sound xLOUD working with DPS Manager for perfect sound
– BRAVIA Engine
– Performance Kernel OC to 832 mhz
– Ability to install unknown source applications at first boot
– Debug usb notifactions removed from statusbar
– Airplane mode active by default after first boot (For Those without a date plan)
– Pre-patched host file (adaway) is in not have advertisemant applications.


– CM7 SMS / MMS App Improved (with bubbles) by lousou76 [fixed invisible recipients typing];
– CyanMobile advanced Taskmanager;
– Build with latest Gapps in Google Play Store 3:10:14
– Disabled Setup Wizard at first boot
– Deleted Voice Dialer TTS
– Deleted Pico TTS
– Deleted and Theme Chooser Theme Provider
– Deleted Update Notify CM;
– Deleted CM Stats
– Deleted Protips
– Deleted Genie Widget
– Deleted LatinIME CM7 default.    keyboard
– Hacker’s Keyboard
– S2E
– CPU Temp widget
– ICS SGSII digital clock widget style by autoradio78
– File Manager
– Timer and Stopwatch app Achep
– Faster GPS
– Battery Calibrator
– Rescan Media Root


-Whitexp – for cm7 and kernel
autoradio78 – creator rom (original thread)
-Yash989 – for headphone bug fix


Headphone Bugs


*Boot into Recovery mode, then *flash CWM Recovery Download here
*Wipe data & cache
*Go to advanced, wipe dalvik cache
*Go back, go to mounts and storage and choose format /system
*Choose mount /system
*Go back, choose to install zip from sdcard
*Find the rom zip file and choose it, choose Yes when asked
*After installation is complete, press the Back or Power button on your phone and choose *reboot system now
* Be patient for the first boot 

Note: If you keep getting stuck on bootloops or just the Samsung Galaxy Y logo, try to flash whitexp’s kernel 1.3.3 and then try flashing this rom.

To see screenshot of the rom
Visit below link
XDA Developers


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