[TOOL] Kernel Flasher from Recovery Mode v2.0


Presenting you the Kernel Flasher tool by faqbly from xda developers. This tool helps you flash kernels in a simple way without increasing your custom bin count.
The procedure is pretty simple, you choose a kernel which you want to use, you put the boot.img file in the root directory of your SD card, flash the tool which is a zip file in CWM recovery and you’re done.
Along with that it creates a backup of your previous kernel image file which should be named OLDboot.img and it should be located on the root directory of your SD card.

In most cases now kernel developers make flashable zip files of their kernels, if you happen to encounter only a boot.img file of the kernel released, you may use this tool to flash it quickly.

If for some reason you want to flash a kernel using this tool which’s boot.img file is located in a zip file, simply extract it using an archive program such as WinRAR or 7zip.

Download: click here

This tool could brick your phone. Neither the developer nor GalaxyYArchive will be responsible for the consequences caused by using this tool.
Do this at your own risk!

Download the tool and put it on your SD card
Download CWM recovery if you don’t have it and also put it on your SD card
Download your desired kernel’s boot.img file to root directory on your SD card (aka not in any folder)
Boot into recovery mode, then flash the CWM recovery
Once in CWM recovery just incase, make sure to go to mounts and storage and mount everything you can, mount /system should be your #1 priority 
Go back, flash the tool zip file and reboot
Enjoy the kernel
Stuck on Samsung Logo? Recovery does not work aswell?
Either flash only a stock kernel using Odin or just directly flash a stock rom using Odin to go back to normal.

Source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1552889


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