Mozilla Firefox Nightly for all Android ARMv6 devices (official from dev)


This is an official version for ARMv6 devices which is what our Galaxy Young’s processor architecture is. That means we are able to run the Mozilla Firefox Nightly build on the SGY without any problems unless the build itself has bugs and other issues which could lead to crashes. This is not a broken port but an official ARMv6 version released by the Mozilla developers.

I’ve taken some time to try this out on the Galaxy Y and it’s not that bad. What is cool about this is that you can download and install Addons to it, save whole websites as PDF files as well as installing Apps.
I could not test the webpage loading speed though because I’m using a mobile data plan for an internet connection which is bad compared to a wireless network. If you are going to try this then please, leave a comment on how the web page loading performance is like on a faster internet connection.

The APK size of this is approximately 24MB and you can download it from their official website: link official

Direct download link:
Direct Download


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