[ROM] Nemesis One for Galaxy Y


Here it is, the long awaited Nemesis ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Young which a lot of people were waiting for. You won’t find this released at xda-developers this time but only in their official page and fan sites.

Now enough talk, let’s take a look at what we have here.
Below are official images by devs:









I can’t post all of the content here because it would make the post very big so to see alot more screenshots and features explained, please visit:


Nemesis One v1:
Nemesis One v1.1 (HD):
What does the v1.1 (HD) contain?
Removed bloatware. ( almost 20 mb removed )
New HD Screen Drivers.
WiFi error fixed. No need to flash drivers anymore.
Seeder included to increase entropy.
Claimed to be even more fast!
Doing the below procedure could lead to damaging your phone (soft-brick).
magapress will not be responsible for any unrecoverable damages, loss of data and other possible consequences, do this at your own risk!

1.Boot into recovery mode then flash CWM recovery – klik to download cmw
2. Wipe cache and data
3.Once in recovery mode, go to mounts and storage, and mount everything possible (sd-ext may give an error but ignore it)
4. Then finally go back, then go to install zip from sdcard -> choose zip from sdcard – Choose the nemesis zip file which you choose to download
Select yes when asked
5. Follow the AROMA installer, it should be as easy as installing software on your computer
Choose to install stock kernel.
6. After installation of it is complete, go back to CWM (first make sure that everything is mounted again) and then again, flash the nemesis zip file to get back to the installer
7. Now choose to install the Nemesis kernel.
8. After installing the kernel, you are back in CWM recovery, then go to mounts and storage and again be sure to mount everything, then flash the zip file for wifi drivers fix – click to download.
9. After installation is complete, again make sure everything is mounted, flash the nemesis installer zip and then finally choose to install the nemesis rom (you may enable the reboot option once installer is finished)
10. After it is installed, your phone will reboot 
Enjoy the rom and please post some feedback in the comments for the rest to see


7 thoughts on “[ROM] Nemesis One for Galaxy Y

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  2. saya udah flash fix wifi…
    ga da masalah koq..
    mungkin caranya blom bnar tu…
    coba ulang tutor diatas.
    jgn ada yg klewat…

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