How to install java in a5360

How to play Java games
on Samsung Galaxy Y
This is the original tutorial, the
owners of the Galaxy Y blogs who
copied this and even copied the
below part where I mention my
old phone are very sad.
A lot of people probably (like me)
have always wanted to be able to
play again their good old Java
games that they used to play on
their past phones. On my LG
KP500 I used to play lots of
touchscreen games which don’t
seem to be available for Android
today. And as you all know,
Android OS can’t just open a jar
file when you tap on it. So in this
guide we will make our SGY play
Java games.
1. So let’s start off by
downloading – Click
here. and put it somewhere in
your SD card.
2. After that, put
(ClockWorkMod Recovery)
also on your SD card. – Click
here to download from
4shared | Click here to
download from Mediafire
3. Now boot into Recovery by
holding Volume up + Home
button + Power button.
4. Please note that in Recovery
mode you can only use
Volume up for up, Volume
down for down, and Home
button for selection.
5. Once you are there, select
“apply update from sd card”.
6. Look for and press
Home button after you have
selected it. You will now boot
into CWM Recovery.
7. After you are there, go to
“install zip from sd” then
select the first option and it
will let you browse your SD
8. Look for wherever
you have put it, and press the
Home button to apply. It will
then ask you if you are sure,
choose Yes.
9. After installation, it should
say “Install from sdcard
complete”. When you see that,
press the back button and
then choose Reboot phone.
10. After you have turned on your
SGY, look in the menu for the
app called “Java”, the icon
should be a cup. For further
info on how to install, look at
the video below:


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